Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Storyboarding and Narrative project

This project was split into parts. First we had to find a couple of really small unusual articles you would find in a local newspaper and create and storyboard a narrative around them. I found one about some idiot who managed to pull the ejector seat on himself in a small plane, and one of a swan who was spotted with binoculars around his neck! I turned these into two hand done draft storyboards. We later went on to researching different types of storyboard, where I was influenced by an inventory style, almost a 'list' of everything within the story. And finally, (yes this project did go on a while) we could either finesse our storyboards or produce an animation. So my main piece was an animation named 'Samson the Swan' about a swan who likes to act like a spy and gets a bit overly paranoid about a lakeside visitor...
Don't you just love first year.. anything goes!

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