Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Revisiting the Restriction project - Forgotten

Over Christmas I revisited an alternative idea I'd had for the restriction project, to make 4 new spreads. We had the same restrictions on colour, use of helvetica only, and word count. This time however I chose the word 'forgotten'. My spreads revolve around the idea of shocking celebrity stories becoming 'yesterday's news', allowing them to move onwards and upwards in their careers.

Group Project 'The Renaissance Revival'

 Our first full on group project! It felt rather like the Apprentice! We were give the quote 'If Botticelli were alive today, he'd be working for Vogue' to interpret. We looked at the definition of in Vogue to mean a fad, trend or craze, and so wanted to start a Botticelli inspired craze which we called the 'Renaissance Revival'! We also had to use a 'filter' ours was an advent calendar, so we decided to have 25 daily steps to follow to become a 'Botticelli Babe'!

Selection of the flyers

The steps included

Ditch the Diet - and plump up for Christmas
Grow your Hair - long and flowing like Venus
Adopt a Botticelli inspired name
Don Renaissance style floaty Robes
Get your Pout on and practise those wistful and melancholy looks
Flower Power - Scatter flowers around you as you walk
Botticelli says Relax - Ditch conventional furniture and grab yourself some lavish cushions
Strike a pose - to bring drama to your day
Botticelli gives you wings - wear some wings to achieve the look
Get a boy on Board - bet your boyfriend to wear a snazzy renaissance style red hat
Dare to Bare - be au naturel and go nude!

 Website pages

Art School Hoarding Brief with Ian Anderson

MMU Art School are currently building a brand new building, and so to make the hoardings around all the building work look far more exciting, famous designer Ian Anderson (Designer's Republic) has worked on the concept of covering the boards with full size images of students within the school. We were asked to contribute, by having our photo taken and adding to it to represent who we are as designers. I wanted to use type, but as we couldn't, and on the back of our recent mapping project, I created this code in bright minimalistic block colours, which with one colour per letter spells out who I am and what I do. Won't be long until it's all up for the world to see! I will add pictures when it is! 

'Disruption' - Mapping Sound Project

 Out of a selection of songs I chose Debussy's 'La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin' to investigate 'mapping'. As I play the piano myself I thought I would be able to get more involved in the piece, so I got the sheet music to play. I thought about how every time someone plays the piece it would sound different, depending on what stage of the learning process they are at, and who is playing it. So, as the piece was difficult to play I made a book of different 'maps' which map out the formal aspects of the music which made it hard to play, as well as my experiences when playing it.

Examples of spreads within the book.