Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tuesday Afternoon Workshops

As part of second year, we've been taking part in workshops every tuesday afternoon. As we only have around 2-3 hours to complete these short briefs I'm usually panicking! And it's not my best work, but at least it means we get used to working under pressure!

Week 1.
We were given a large amount of jumbled up copy about an event and we had to sort out all the information into a poster, using only helvetica and no proper images.

After doing it I realised it looks a bit like a film poster, something like 'Catch me if You Can'! with all the arrows, but these were supposed to refer to 'trade'.

Week 2.
This task was all about combining type and image. Working in a pair, me and Rowan had a selection of images to choose from, and a selection of strange phrases which we had to use together in 6 postcards. It was also an exercise on cropping images to achieve different meanings, or get the best from an image. The postcards we created are supposed to be for a photography exhibition (it's not real sorry!) entitled 'Little Pictures. Unfinished Stories' which was one of the phrases. We also used the phrase 'In the beginning there was a word' which we thought related in a way to stories. We then selected prominent words from the phrases which would relate to the idea of 'a word', and paired them up with an image. Simple, but we think fairly successful.

Week 3.
For this Tuesday afternoon we had to bring in a leaflet that we thought was badly designed. As i do children's face painting for Creative Kids Parties I thought it would be fun to try and re design their A5 leaflet! Having had only 2 hours I'm not sure it's the best I could have done, but I did find the subject quite tricky as it is for children you can't go too 'graphic-y' like some of the gig leaflets other people were doing. It was a fun exercise though.
It seems to have come out a bit paler on here than on indesign but oh well! 



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