Monday, 7 May 2012


A couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to participate in a workshop at Uni with well known designer Vaughan Oliver. It was a really fun experience, and allowed us a bit of welcome relief from our assessed work we are all getting worried about for final hand-in! The brief in these two days was to 'elevate the banal' and create a magazine. We went out on our travels with the word 'discord' in mind, trying to photograph unlikely juxtapositions and things that weren't where you expect to see them. On our travels we found this jug, metaphorically and literally 'elevated' upon a high ledge on the side of a railway bridge. Definitely not where you would usually find it! Rescued for us by Ben, who just happened to pass by and offered to climb up and retrieve it, we were able to create a magazine centred solely around this jug, and the other unlikely places it could be...

View the whole magazine here

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