Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ian Anderson Workshop

The two Ian Anderson workshops of this term have been great experiences - extremely challenging and exhausting but totally worthwhile, and full of learning experiences, in particular presentation skills.

In the first workshop we had a few hours to create a self portrait of ourselves as a designer, and then  the following day had to create a logo for the person next to us taking influence from their self portrait, and then present this to the group. Emma had chosen Francium, due to its reactive properties, conveying how she reacts well to new people and experiences. My identity is primarily for use as an online website home page, the idea being that as someone rolls over it, the logo would 'react'. The 'bonds' would break and reform, flickering through different positions, and the word creative also reforms to spell out reactive. Here I have storyboarded it as an idea, (left column) and also created business cards for Emma.

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