Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rise of the Apes brief

In line with their new film to come out this autumn, Rise of the Apes (prequel to Planet of the Apes), 20th Century Fox released a brief which asked designers to promote the upcoming movie. My short teaser animations could be sent around the web, shown on websites or on television, and centre around the idea of 'warning' the public via public service announcements that 'The Apes are Coming'. However the animations are in a way quite lighthearted, as whilst using warning signs, and trying to show an element of panic, they reference to the usual things we see monkeys doing - such as jumping on our cars at a safari park, the ape in the Donkey Kong game, or even references to King Kong. Unfortunately I never entered my work, as I still wanted to make some changes after feedback which was then too late for the deadline.

Here are the animations storyboarded...

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